Hello all and Happy Holidays. I mentioned in my bug report that I am putting together an NPC guide with all the information like birthday, likes and dislikes for my own use. I have all birthdays for the NPCs in the starting area but not everyone has a set like or dislike yet so it's still a WIP. I was wondering if anyone would want to see it when it was in a better state. It might not be until another update as some NPCs as I said have nothing set yet or just mention the next update when you try to get gossip or secrets from them. I will also be starting a Lets Play using this information, as I mentioned in my intro I wanted to but didn't have the microphone. Well guess what I got as a Christmas gift? I will upload any Kynseed lets plays on my youtube channel with the same name as my username for anyone wanting to see. I already recorded the first part, although I probably won't get it uploaded today. Just let me know if anyone is interested in the guide and I'll see what I can do to share it.