Hello, I've been playing for a few weeks now and have noticed some bugs of my own. I'm on Win 7, i5 2320 core AMD R9 series graphics card if that is needed.

1.) One thing that just happened, not sure if it is a bug but seems like it is to me. I was playing in winter year 4 and on the morning of the 5th of Winter I got a message that something decayed in my inventory. I had no idea anything COULD decay and could not figure out what it was that was 'decayed'. However I then noticed something that was not there the day before. An item with no image, just a name. Wool, X 9. This is something I have no idea how I got in my inventory as I didn't even know it was in the game and I never saw anything with this description before now. I took a screenshot with steam.
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I've been focusing on making friends with the NPCs and finding likes, dislikes and birthdays to make a list (I will try to share the list once I have it in a state I think will be helpful If anyone wants it) so haven't been picking up much of anything before now other then the harvestables on the farm every morning or something needed as a gift and I never saw this until now when that message made me look for something that was decayed. I didn't even get a sword yet to fight off monsters. That and not a sheep in sight. Never even got the slingshot to pop the pig (I like Truffles too much to do that) and don't own the dog or cat(s) in this file.

2.) Another thing that has been going on for awhile is that if I quite the game and then come back later to play the day starts out later in the day, 9AM rather then 6AM. If that day the crops were supposed to be ripe they change to growing, the apple and pear trees reset so all the trees have fruit even if I picked from that tree the day before and if I offer something I'll get a 'No more offerings accepted' message. Sometimes the Goddess statues won't even let me make one at all, even if it was the day of the festival were you were expected to make an offering to them (this has also happened in continues game play, not just reloads). This is something that has been going on since I started playing two weeks ago but I wanted to wait for the update before reporting it since I knew it was coming.