Changelog - v0.1.11.1980
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    Changelog - v0.1.11.1980


    Changelog - v0.1.11.1980

    🔷 First pass work on the goods store selling box
    🔷 Each goods store has a box to sell any spare items
    🔷 Stores have a daily limit of how much they'll buy from you
    🔷 A new 'Unstuck' menu option to help when stuck in the environment!
    • The prices will be slightly under what you can make at the lemonade stand, except for...
    • Wanted items, which are cycled through over time and give extra profit if sold when a store wants them
    • The list of wanted items is a smaller set of randomly picked items which will be refined in future updates for seasons and the different demands of different villages
    🔷 Very first step of character customisation: selecting hair colour when starting a new game
    • There's 8 different colours to choose from
    • Further customisation options likely to follow (probably in later updates as we refine the system)
    🔶 A pass over keyboard and mouse controls, specifically the use of Left and Right mouse buttons (referred to below as LMB and RMB) with more to come soon!
    🔶 Sim interact (changed to LMB)
    🔶 Pickup item/Put away (changed to LMB)
    🔶 Screen button prompts (click forward with LMB)
    🔶 Use tool/Throw item (changed to RMB)
    🔶 PC hotbar can drag to unmapped icon
    🔶 Blacksmith actions (changed to LMB)
    🔶 Tutorial text and button prompts should match the above changes!
    🔶 Option to flip the LMB and RMB behaviour (may later be refined to leave screen prompts as LMB, depending on feedback)
    🔶 Fixed some 4k at 30hz issues of LMB click, including goddess statues and onscreen D-pad icons
    🔶 Changed the behaviour of save games so 'New Game' now creates a new slot and there's a scrollable list of saves - autosave will overwrite the currently loaded save only!
    🔶 Cat AI has been upgraded slightly to avoid staying still all the time (plus lotsa naps)
    🔶 Interact priority is given for books over other interactables in order to make it easier to pick some books up by beds
    🔶 Lemonade stand bartering minigame reduced to one round as well as a small bit of presentation tweaks to make it easier to see and use LMB on the button prompt as intended
    🔶 Increased the speed of holding down A button/E key/Primary mouse button for getting the pickup/new day/etc key to dismiss the dialogue (you have to release and press again to accept)
    ❌ Cooking quests, once completed, should no longer repeat
    ❌ Speculative fix for cooking crash on the recipe book screen and preventative measures for one identified cause
    ❌ Level fixes for collision/layering and proverb positioning
    ❌ Dragging of combat hotbar items while in combat areas should now work as expected
    ❌ Fixed a festival stall that wasn't showing the item for sale
    ❌ NPC portrait in status view should now stay within the UI boxes
    ❌ Night ambiance doesn't persist after reaching a certain level with different ambiance
    ❌ Minigame completion teleport action won't work outside the minigame region
    ❌ Fixed a bug with dragging items in inventory and the hotbar switching if an item from the opposite type was hovered over
    ➕ Behind the scenes initial implementation of the NPC chat system for the next update (not visible in game quite yet!)

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