Game crashes when interacting with animals
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Thread: Game crashes when interacting with animals

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    November 24th, 2018

    Game crashes when interacting with animals

    Hi ! I bought the game yesterday and I've encountered no issue until day five or six in game. Now, when I try to interact with an animal (cow, pig or dog, the only ones I have for now), the game crashes. I did not have this problem the five or six first days.

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    Hi, apologies for the issue. Can I ask where you bought the game from?

    There seemed to be a problem whereby the patch to fix this didn't go live on GoG until Monday. The fixed version should be (you can see this at the top right when you press escape for the options screen). The other two platforms should both be ok as well from the Thursday when they uploaded.

    Hope that helps but let me know if not and I'll try to fix as soon as possible.

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