Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1953
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Thread: Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1953

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    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1953


    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1953

    🔷 NPC's waiting for gifts now show an icon above to indicate that talking to them will also gift them the item
    🔷 When interacting with Hazel, she now has a shop sign icon that says when you can buy cats
    🔶 All maps should now show the player position more accurately
    🔶 A wooden sign in one of the mines was updated from being a placeholder
    🔶 Hopefully improved setup for NPC interaction
    • Priority is first given to NPC's before animals and before interactables
    • It also puts priority on permanent sim NPC's over any temporary NPC's in the level
    • This system allows future flexibility in priority as needed
    🔶 Any followers of the player will now stay behind the player a bit better to make targeting and visibility easier
    • This setup also allows tweaking in the future
    🔶 NPC's leaving the level should now do so in a more orderly fashion without walking through walls
    • The system in place here needs setting up per level, so let us know if any levels still have NPC's experiencing problems with this
    • The main area that needed fixing was in Poppyhill
    ❌ Hob tooth quest should now be completable!
    ❌ Charmweed no longer treated as a seed
    ❌ Magic bean's magic now limited to its intended level!
    ❌ Both mapstones in Mosswhisper Ruin should now count
    ❌ Few minor level issues fixed
    ❌ Wheat should no longer invisibly grow after harvesting

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