Bottom stall near the ball mini-game during the festivals does not show any seeds being sold, but you can still buy them.

Sometimes when I go to catch bugs with the jar it drops black goo that pours like and acts like honey. It only happens like 50% of the time. Only happens when there is nothing in a jar that previously had something in it.

When walking by an infant NPC they will say things that adult NPC say: "How do?" *Whistles* and "Something you need" etc.... obviously, this is hilarious, but I assume not intended.

Sometimes when the dog is running beside me he glitches out and looks like he ran backwards for a second even though his sprite is still in the forward motion.

and lastly, this is really more of a question about what could be a potential glitch: is making an offering at one of those bowls supposed to be the same as making an offering at a statue directly? Because I've been having to make two offerings a day otherwise my apples go rotten.

lolololololol thanks