The Magical Cabbage of Transportation
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Thread: The Magical Cabbage of Transportation

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    November 20th, 2018

    The Magical Cabbage of Transportation

    I was out and about exploring the Testy Acres for the first time yesterday. To my surprise, I discovered there were crops in the local fields, so I decided to test the permissions system and attempt to pick them. I found I was able to pick the first vegetable, so I proceeded to furiously pick all of the cabbages and carrots in sight. Obviously.

    I got a bit carried away, though, and accidentally clicked on an open field, then clicked again. I do not know precisely what I clicked on, but somehow this planted a cabbage. I would later discover that I had not actually used up any seeds to plant this mysterious cabbage (they all remained in perfect multiples of 4), and thus I do not know whenceforth came said cabbage. Nonetheless the cabbage was plainly there in the fields, and somehow it was already ripe...

    Recognizing this poor creature was now in my charge, I proceeded either to attempts to water it, or harvest it. Whatever I did, apparently this displeased the Faes, as my view faded to black, and I awoke in an empty green space. With no bearings I wandered aimlessly until encountering the westernmost edges of the Testy Acres map. I followed along its edges, but was unable to reenter the Testy Acres proper, nor to access the pathways leading to other areas of the world map. My only option was to continue unsuccessfully probing the edges of the map until sleep would take me.

    The following day, I replicated the transportation, again by either watering or attempting to pick the magical cabbage.

    I do not have screenshots at the moment, but could attempt to replicate the bug a third time and provide visuals.

    My PC is running Windows 7 with an AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor, 3.60 GHz.

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    I think this is due to planting the magic bean in the wrong level.

    Build that should have just gone live should fix this. Patchnotes will appear a bit later today but are in a file called Changelog.txt in the game folder for now!


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