Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1944
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Thread: Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1944

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    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1944


    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1945

    🔷 Some mint has appeared in Poppyhill!
    🔶 Prevented mouse dragging of items which can't be placed in the hotbar
    🔶 Prevented 0-9 keys from placing items that shouldn't be placed on the hotbar
    🔶 Hotbar now allows swapping in inventory when not dragging from inventory (same as in-world ability to swap items around)
    🔶 Setup to allow mapping to combat slots
    🔶 Combat slots now show when mouse is over combat item (to be refined)
    🔶 Swapping on hotbar should now work for non-combat and combat mappings
    🔶 Slot equipping for hotbar uses a surrounding outline rather than a rectangle outline
    🔶 Control prompt now shows for bartering
    🔶 Friendly fire should now be off within combat zones
    ❌ Fixed a further problem with combat which may've prevented it combat activating in the combat zone
    ❌ Friendship ratings with NPC's now saves correctly (animal ones to follow in a subsequent pass)
    ❌ Spring season correctly uses different assets as expected
    ❌ Fix for being able to escape the mine in Poppyhill
    ❌ Fix for a few layering issues in the two villages
    ❌ Fixed Twig not appearing after the prologue event - his missing dialogue state should reset to allow you to get an item from him if you have not already

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