Heya Matts, Neal and Charlie (and anyone else involved!)

My name is Ryan, and just wanted to put together a little bug list for ya.
I've done a fair bit of game creating and coding in the past, so I totally understand the huge amount of work you guys are having to put in.
Im also not sure what bugs you are already aware of and just aren't a priority, so apologies if you already know about these!

Im running windows 10, on an Intel i7-8750H with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GTX1060.

Also, INCREDIBLE game guys!! Honestly blown away even at this early stage!


  • Quest rewards seem to show a gold coin, not a copper?

  • Purple apples - Random drop. Not sure if intentional?

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  • Bunch of layering problems - Red mushrooms in Druidas Cross, poppys (on the farm) and also grass next to fences in Druidas cross.

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  • Sleep appears to happen sideways

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  • "zzzzzz" from floor

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  • Raindrops on ...bridges (and warm woolen mittens)

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  • Would be amazing to have an outline around crops when harvesting and watering (much like picking up items)
  • Time seems just a TOUCH too fast. I woke up at 6, ran to Mother Hubbard, grabbed items along the way, then barely had time to go to the festival. Ended up passing out in Druidas cross.

That's all I've found in the first little bit of play, ill update this as I find more bugs.