Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1940
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Thread: Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1940

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    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1940


    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1940

    🔶 A few icons have been updated
    🔶 WASD and Cursor keys now allow moving around the world map
    ❌ Shift+ESC doesn't exit the game (was a debug option left in)
    ❌ Some quick region fixes for collision/out of bounds/inconsistent cave lighting/layering
    ❌ Player age set correctly to the day
    ❌ Prevented planting of a certain item in regions that it's not meant to be planted in
    ❌ Fixed fish not spawning after loading a save game
    ❌ Fixed fruit not appearing after loading a save game (they had taken a trip to the magic coordinates 0,0)
    ❌ Kynseed planting should now persist correctly and have a little glow where it should go (setup is still very much work-in-progress)
    ❌ Fix for blacksmith crash on trying to craft certain items
    ❌ Blacksmith should display tutorials relevant to Gamepad or Mouse+Keyboard as appropriate
    ❌ Fixes for sword not working - item setup corrected, automatic slot assigning, and a stuck-in-place problem on picking up items with the sword active.
    • Note that the item is automatically equipped in the combat zones only
    • You'll need to buy the sword for this to work.
    ❌ Rating screen for blacksmith should now have prompt to close
    ➕ Attempt at fixing 'image not supported' by retrying to load the image (inconclusive feedback if this works as of yet)

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    Awesome! Thanks Matt for the updates!

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