Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1935
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Thread: Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1935

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    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1935


    Changelog - ᴠ0.1.11.1935

    🔶 Pop up to show autosaving
    ❌ Lantern upgrade now saves correctly
    ❌ Cooking crash has now been prevented from happening and an error message was put in to try and uncover what the bad recipe ID is
    ❌ Fix for a crash in Candlewych to do with audio volume being set too high
    ❌ Saves on Day 14 now load to the farm and fix a problem where you see a black screen with a tiny box in the middle
    ❌ Saves should now load into the correct season
    ❌ A save after "a certain point" should no longer cause "a certain problem" -cough- spoilers -cough-
    ❌ Pig riding is cleared when falling asleep
    ➕ Began gathering more info on the 'Image Not Supported' errors that some people have had

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