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Thread: Character Customisation - your thoughts?

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    As long as I can wear a steampunk tophat, I'm cool.

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    Maybe like 5 hairstyles per gender to choose and the natural colors for hair. I would like different face shapes maybe like heart, round, rectangular. Maybe three eye shapes and five skin colors. I would really love if we could add freckles! I know that would be hard though based on how small it is.
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    I have an idea that's a little bit different, if customizing the Player Character in detail (skin, hair color, hairstyle, clothing, body type) isn't feasible.

    Rather than customizing the starter character, how about you choose an orphan with a pre-designed appearance and outfit? Depending on the orphan you pick, you will be given a matching twin.

    I'm thinking along the lines of the character select in Sierra's Mixed Up Fairytales (shown below). The children all had different hairstyles, skin and hair colors, and faces. While it would have been beyond the scope of the game to have these features freely selected in a character creation screen, this allowed for variation and personality.
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    If clothing and hairstyles etc. do end up customizable, I imagine it to work best in layers like in an avatar dress-up game, perhaps. Your character starts out as a bald, nude pixel figure of whatever skin color you select. Hair, eyes, clothing are layered on top in subsequent steps. Considering that movement in three directions will need to be animated for each variation, however, this strikes me as a lot of work.

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