Quick Update 14/08/17
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Thread: Quick Update 14/08/17

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    Quick Update 14/08/17

    We are still alive :-)
    Neal has been hard at work on the first pass for every job...and they are playable but VERY early and rough...but extremely promising.
    I am about to start filing out more of the Vale after my week of flu...just tidying up a few docs first, including naming and distributing beers to the 6 known taverns of Quill.
    Matt A has been busy with the website and Slacker Backer stuff, among many other things.
    We have art coming in from character and environs.
    We also got some concepts and mock ups from Jenny our UI artist.
    Aynen is constantly doing music (Cemetery is very peaceful and melancholic).
    We are looking to get Deb Saez who helped with out prototype UI onto some new areas and we have an ex-Lion concept artist joining imminently to do some work on environment concepts.
    So it's all go still, and exciting times ahead!

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    Can't wait to see more updates. I'm so happy the team is growing.

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    Just heard a new song from Aynen which sounds amazing. Can't wait to share these new tracks with everyone at some point. And as Charlie says, we've got some new concept art coming soon which I'm really looking forward to personally. The bits I've seen of the new UI are stellar as well.

    In other news, I'm nearly done with the website! If you head to PixelCountStudios.com you'll see a spot to submit your email to get notified when it goes live (which will hopefully be in a matter of days at this point - fingers crossed). Getting a proper site up is one of those things that won't really do much for the project at this stage of things, but it's really important to do it right and do it now. This'll save me time and effort in the long run. When our sanity and our schedules start getting a bit strained closer to release, I'd rather devote all my time to supporting the game rather than fiddling with a website.

    Oh, and I'm finally rolling out some new forum features (badges and other such things) at the same time as the site launch. I originally wanted to push out the forum updates sooner but figured I'd time its release to coincide with the new website instead as it just made more sense to do it that way.

    And expect some game related updates very soon as well. Stay tuned!
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