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    Han's Bugs

    Here are some bugs I've found so far:

    #1 Sleeping Pig
    When you mount a pig during the night it has the sleeping animation while standing still. Moving works fine.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    #2 Map not working properly
    It shows totally wrong position of your character on the map - usually somewhere on the white background. So far the only properly working map I've noticed was Willowdawn Farm.

    #3 Invisible Farm
    I don't remember planting anything on any of the 4 tiles of the upper left farm area, yet it keeps saying something grows there. After some time I'm able to click on the empty tiles and I get free wheat. Only after this I'm able to plant something on these tiles. It keeps happening if I don't have anything planted here.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    #4 Riding left direction on a Pig
    The animation of going left on a pig while holding stuff is on the whole new level.
    While holding food:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    While holding equipment:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    #5 Dad's Pocket Money
    SPOILERS! After going back from Fairweather's encounter and talking to your sibling you still have tasks to do by your father (feed the pig, etc). If you complete them, the day after you still get pocket money from your dad, even tho he's dead??

    #6 Magenta Glitch?
    Unfortunately I didn't took a screenshot. While riding a pig from the map to map (I only remember it was left to right map) I got the whole screen became pink. I had to go back blindly and then it was working again.

    #7 Random
    exclamation mark
    I've seen random exclamation mark in the bushes.

    #8 Copper Sword not working properly
    It spawns in your items instead of equipment inventory. I'm only able to throw it away, there's no way to use it. I've seen other people having the same problem -> should be fixed asap for there's no way to try if battling works.

    #9 Learning to cook your whole life
    Each time I cook something I get "Learn to Cook" task suddenly appearing and marked as completed. Of course I also get money for it the next day.

    1. It's often hard to click on a person. I have my mouse hovered on the NPC and the green triangle doesn't appear most of times. Somehow the controls are annoying.
    2. Controls on PC are quite uncomfortable in general.
    3. It's kinda minor since the game is in development, but there's really no point of asking a name if it's already visible when you talk to NPC. Should be question marks or NPC occupation before asking it. Tho I expect it to appear in the future builds.
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