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    📰 The PixelCount Post - Issue #40


    ISSUE #40                         THE VALE, QUILL                         21 OCTOBER 2018                         ONE BRASS

    Sprouting November 8th

    I'll be keeping today's update straight to the point (a far cry from last week's) so that I can highlight the recent news that the team's all jazzed about:

    On November 8th, Kynseed will release on Steam Early Access as well as GOG Games in Development!

    Also of note is that the Kynseed Late Backer program will be coming to a close on November 2nd at midnight PDT (GMT-7), so if you fancy grabbing any rewards or upgrading your existing tier then be sure to do so before that time.

    The team's hands, and probably even feet, will be incredibly full these next few weeks preparing the game and community for an influx of new players - many of whom will be hearing of this quirky game for the very first time. It's a busy but exhilarating time over here and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces on Thursday, November 8th!

    Bursting at the Themes

    So, I'm very much a fan of leitmotifs. That's a melody that represents a character or other thing within a narrative. Wagner is known for them, John Williams has made some of the most memorable ones on the planet, and Kynseed uses leitmotifs too. I've planted them into various parts of the soundtrack, but so far there haven't been many opportunities to really make them shine.

    However, with the release on Early Access, certain elements will be added that allow me to really make use of some of the leitmotifs I've put into the game so far. Thing is, I can't describe exactly what these elements are - too spoilery. Suffice to say that there's a hidden theme in the game so far that I hope to give some new meaning to when this new thing in the game happens (ah the confusingly cryptic wordings that come from trying to avoid giving spoilers).

    The tricky part is that I don't make my themes super obvious. I weave them into things. And every time I use them, because they're woven into other things, they change. And just to make it more confusing, not all ingredients are in place. Many parts of the game where themes should become more obvious aren't in yet. But I do have to plan for them. This means that the musical puzzle that is Kynseed's thematic material won't truly come together until the game is finished.

    Meanwhile, game development is more than a little unpredictable, so I have to change things along the way even though certain elements are already implemented in the current build of the game. I keep the notion in the back of my mind that by the end of it, I may have to go back in and alter certain tracks just to make them thematically consistent.

    Feedback has also started to come in on combat and its sound effects. Some work well, some not so much. Do I try to work on them some more now, or do I wait for a more complex sound engine that can create more variety in the effects? Tough question. I've been spending a lot of time playing the game's combat system though. Even at this early stage it's fun - deflecting bottles being thrown at you is pretty entertaining! I'm glad the sound effect for it appears to be satisfying, going by the feedback so far. I'm also expecting a new trailer to be requiring music soon, which will be a lot of fun I reckon. I'm very fond of composing directly to picture as it's much easier to control the experience when every second of it is predetermined. I also hope to include some of the aforementioned leitmotifs in it...

    Testaments of Estimates

    This week follows our announce of a date for Early Access on 8th November! It's been an interesting time getting to a point where we feel confident to commit to a date publicly. In some ways I feel until it's said out loud in that manner you can't be truly sure of whether it is the right choice or not. The struggle is that without it, it's hard to ever know when to stop or perhaps when to push to fulfill a date as it feels fake in a way when not public. I guess it's about accountability and the narrative that we tell ourselves too and how much belief there is in it.

    Another angle is perhaps the distance away from it. Estimates are notoriously difficult to make for any point into the future - it's impossible to predict what changes of circumstance might occur and what might turn out more difficult or easier than expected to produce on time. All that to say, at this moment we believe this is the best date for Early Access based on everything we know right now and what we predict of the future. Time will always tell whether that's right or not but whatever the outcome we'll still be aiming ever upwards to make this game the best we can!

    An Introduction to the Folk of Quill

    PART 1:
    Kane Hines - Master of Dogs

    Hello. I am Kane Hines. I live in Summerdown. I am known as being the Master of Dogs.

    I love dogs. I even write books on dogs. Some people say I am very dull, because all I talk about is dogs. I think this is not true. There is so much more to who I am.

    But back to talking about dogs. Did you know that there are different breeds of dog? There are small dogs, called Pugs, who were named after an ancient evil God called Pugsley Addams. These dogs are not evil! They are small and have squashed faces that look like someone has grown them inside a milk bottle.

    There are other dog types too. Big dogs. Hairy dogs. Spotted dogs. Cats. Although cats are not technically a type of dog, but they do live in a house and they do have four legs and do shit all over the place.

    I suppose I should tell you some more about me, Kane Hines. I like eating pork chops and I wear spectacles. I enjoy long walks, always with a dog. I worship my Goddess and sacrificed my wife on Offering Day. I also enjoy sunshine, candies, and the sound of water. Nature is beautiful, just like dogs.

    Please read all my books. They are very interesting, just like me. And dogs.

    For back issues visit The PixelCount News Vault

    P R I N T E DᅠA TᅠP I X E L C O U N TᅠC A S T L E,ᅠT H EᅠV A L E

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    This is all very exciting! Can't wait till November 8th.

    Also I have come across many cats that act like dogs and many dogs that act like cats. Perhaps they are one in the same.
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    Congrats on reaching a point where you're able to announce an early access date! I'm sure all the hard work you've put in (and will be putting in these next couple of weeks) will be worth it and I can't wait to see the result

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