Player character sprites are... not great.
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Thread: Player character sprites are... not great.

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    September 28th, 2018

    Player character sprites are... not great.

    This is perhaps a mean bit of criticism, but it's honest, so I hope you'll forgive me.

    I like all the environment art. The buildings, the animals, the plants and so on. Love all that stuff. I was impressed by the dancers in town, too. Great work there.

    Most of the other PC and NPC sprites in this game are hideous. Not 'a little odd'. Freakin ugly. A few are normal. None stand out as attractive or appealing. And in terms of visiting the town, I think I can look past about half of them because it's a distinctive art style. It's fine, at least somewhat.

    But seriously. Look at the kid I'm supposed to play. Why does he have enormous Martin Scorsese eyebrows? WTF is going on with his hair? Why is he the ugliest kid imaginable? Was that deliberate? He looks like a serial killer with facial paralysis and a poorly-tamed bird-nest afro. Has the artist ever met a 12-year-old? Did he look anything like this?

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    And the girl isn't much better. Why are her eyes on the side of her head like a fish? They're wider apart than her mouth. She looks like her nose got taken off with an axe and they didn't bother with facial reconstruction.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any chance we can dispense with the nightmarish abominations above and play as these characters:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the feedback. We have to disagree sadly about the NPC's...we love them, and the overwhelming consensus has been that player's love them too.
    It would also be a huge amount of work and expense to replace them, which will never happen thankfully.
    As for the player character, you will be able to cusotomise to an extent and there will be different heads for lineage.
    Plus, they are just will get to adulthood at some point.
    Anyway, we welcome your views, even if they could have been a tad more diplomatic

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    November 11th, 2018
    I love the sprites. They remind me of old 90s Sierra-type adventure games. I thought they were spot on.

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    I have to say I agree. But I do like the characters we play, but the people in town are hideous. I can't imagine finding one that is actually non-offensive enough the marry. There is one guy, he said his family has the rights to chop wood in town (forgive me I'm having trouble remembering names) and he was good looking, but he was 35 when I was a child so not an option for marriage. It seems half the towns people have googly eyes, or giant noses, or that old naked man in the robe with the horrifying spider legs who let me through the North Gate, I'm sorry but they are all terrifying! Love the game, love the backgrounds and buildings, and everything else. But the NPCs are really ugly

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