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    @Everyone: Hi there! This is my first post, excited to be a part of this community! I've been following the game design and updates for many months now, but didn't buy the game yet because I didn't want to spoil anything for myself... Now I just can't hold it anymore, I will have to succumb...! :-) Especially since I'd love to share some ideas and that should be done with a strong knowledge of the game, right?
    @Charlie: I guess there will also be some 'unfightable' monsters/creatures dwelling around? In that case, there are some creatures I came up with many years ago, when I wrote some kind of fantasy story. For example what I then called "blood crows" were black crows with bloody red eyes who tended to prey on people who got lost on their journey and then provided them with mysterious information (in rhyme) about how they could find the way back home, or with information about danger coming their way. The tricky thing about them was that sometimes they would speak the truth, and sometimes they'd lie, so children were warned to never follow their advice as one could never be sure of their intentions. Sadly, unknowing wanderers were often misled and thus dug their own graves. Some mysterious creature like this could be nice in the game, especially in places where you could easily get lost.
    There was also this ghostlike 'lady of the forest', who (many centuries ago according to legend) had lost her beloved and could not find peace. She disappeared, lingering in a world between the living and the dead. She was sometimes to be found singing melancholically, deep in the forest, but only by others suffering from a broken heart who could feel and understand her pain. Maybe something like this could be implemented? For example, only players who lost a spouse (death or divorce) could encounter her on very specific conditions, in a certain part of the forest. And maybe there could also be a way to free the lady from misery and reunite her with her deceased lover.
    Now, concerning a real monster: how about some kind of Krampus that punishes bad children? One that would come into their room at night if they *really* misbehaved and could only be fought off by doing some kind of ritual? (Considered children wouldn't be able to defeat it through fight)
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    That's it for now, but would love to share more ideas later! Is there any option to still join the Dev Pub?
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    Compared to some of the bizarre and dark stuff we have ideas for, Nekkid sounds quite tame....except for we would have to cover up his danglers.

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