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    nobbybasspunk's bug report

    Ay up there lads, having fun playing the game, this will be my bug reporting thread. I'm playing on a Surface Book with Windows 10 os. I'll date the bugs so you can see when they occurred and put newer bugs at the top of the page. Cheers.

    • Interact arrow above twin's head if facing DOWN
    • After messing about toggling Run to be Default, the interact arrow would appear when the twin was facing DOWN.
    • 13/5/18
    • Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BUG 3.jpg 
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ID:	123

    • Twin would not move diagonally on a pig if running
    • Trying to run I noticed that the pig would not run if I went diagonally, but if I toggled for Run to be Default, then I could run diagonally but couldn't walk diagonally??
    • 13/5/18

    • Camera not following twin, staying in fixed position over the pig pen.
    • Trying to pin tasks on menu (also wasn't working?) by pressing Y. Tried other keyboard keys to see if they'd work, they didn't. Came out of the menu. Started to ride a pig, camera would not follow the twin/pig staying completely fixed.
    • 13/5/18

    • Side note the tasks would not "pin" when pressing Y.
    • 13/5/18
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ID:	122  

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