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    Backer Build Updates

    Below you can find the latest change log for any updates that we've made to the Kynseed backer build. All prior change logs may be found in chronological order in subsequent posts.

    Thank you to everyone who has taken time to give us feedback and to help us find bugs. It seems business is definitely good for the PixelCount Bug Collecting Squad™. Please feel free to post any other feedback or bugs here in these forums, on our Discord, via email, or anywhere else it strikes your fancy. Except maybe by post. That'd be silly.

    Changelog - ᴠ2018.9.15

    • Blacksmith minigame revamped
      • Grindstone included
      • Rating is based on durability and sharpness stats
      • Stages auto-progress
      • A gauge shows to judge optimum heating and cooling levels
      • Anvil has the hammer on-screen
      • Mould creation has a first pass of new assets
    • Set up markers to allow facing directions (used in tavern for drinkers)
    • Babies no longer grabbed as random characters for shopping!
    • Pig names for races exclude ones the player owns
    • Fruit/leaves drop to the ground in the correct draw layer position
    • Controls placed in the options menu as preparation...
    • Duplicate key error for blacksmith and other screens should be fixed
    • Behind the scenes work to prepare for seasons, new regions, and other upcoming features!
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.4.29

    • Icons improved
    • Speculative fix of two crashes to do with NPC info and blacksmithing
    • Fix for crash when the dog exits the level
    • Reduced size of ingame items
    • Environment theme change after Fairweather appears so you can see him better
    • Tutorial text for Mouse & Keyboard should show correct commands
    • Smithing should display correct controls for the water trough
    • Some dialogue tweaks for NPC’s
    • Twig position in cave tweaked
    • Player movement corrected at Fairweather sequence
    • Infinite money with pantry glitch fixed
    • Vanishing pig fixed! Hooray!
    • Shop music fades out rather than abruptly stops
    • Fix for dog interact crash on loading save game
    • Fairweather sequence should trigger correctly
    • Some icons adjusted for A interact menu (still needs a bit of work)
    • No trader near Nook
    • Gifting limit removed
    • Sickle task completeable
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.5.3

    • Known traits should be saved correctly
    • Minigame UI for replay and quitting slightly improved (but more to do)
    • Inflate/pop sounds for pig updated
    • Task name box fits a bit more comfortably
    • Prize shadows don't appear on other levels
    • Equipped item no longer removes on sleep
    • Duplicate toolbar items should no longer be possible (existing item for the slot should swap)
    • Few text updates from Charlie
    • Book in grotto moved to a different mine
    • Crash fixes for at least 5 different reported crashes
    • Sibling doesn't get doubled when loading save
    • Text and level updates, mainly for layering and collision
    • Setup of KB & Mouse signposts
    • Reminders have better names than 'key1', etc.
    • Length of day increased by about 2 minutes
    • Clear text if intro screens are skipped
    • Few layering fixes
    • Hopeful quick fix for pig riding level load issue
    • Some items put into the shop in order to replace the duplicates
    • Mouse cursor in front of pickup screen
    • Intro music loops
    • PCS logo quick click-throughable and lasts 2 seconds (will do a proper fade setup for a future build)
    • Pig hanging animation is in (a little roughly placed for now)
    • Footstep sounds for more interior tiles
    • Pig racing fence to be interior wall and layering issues near the pig racing stand (which is also collisioned)
    • Pig exhausted animation used in pig racing for now
    • Pig racing attendee should stay in the right place!
    • Ambient volume can be controlled separately
    • Configuration save status always runs properly now
    • Found item data should now save
    • Sleep UI works with mouse controls
    • Minigame has prizes (though they are initially just placed on the ground)
    • Blacksmith UI has had some improvements, but more to do
    • Bottles should now function after loading a save (but their appearance may still be wrong for now)
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.5.10

    • Quest progress should now save correctly
    • NPC's should now remember if they had something important to say after a save
    • Some more level and text fixes
    • Inverse X axis option available and gift giving rotates the same way as XYB radial
    • First sickle created should be usable
    • Delivery tasks can now be completed by talking to the person if you have the necessary item in your inventory (it automatically removes or empties the item so you don't need to find it)
    • Fixed an issue where interactables could say 'you have no mail'
    • Bucket types now saved correctly
    • First pass of a new feature to aid in travelling
    • An item now has a first pass use that it did not have in previous builds...ooooh mysterious!
    • Dogs/cats should save ownership to player and appear in level (though positions are not entirely predictable yet)
    • Any reminders player have found should now be saved
    • Fix for initial reminders being blank for KB&M
    • Bidding platforms in festival area disabled 'til the UI is worked on
    • Added a key prompt to continue through the PixelCount Studios logo screen
    • End screen buttons should now work
    • Calendar stuff scrolls a bit better for mouse
    • Buying screen's keyboard keys work (along with mouse)
    • Safeguard against sickle harvesting crash
    • Few other crash guards in place against items not being found
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.5.18

    • Quest progress should now save correctly
    • First pass introducing Click or Hold options for KBM or Gamepad. KBM uses Click and Gamepad uses Hold. This affects interactions with NPC's/animals and reading signs/info. (Work is needed to make this clearer in the text and tutorials.)
    • Tomatoes on the farm now complete growing!
    • Fixed issues with containers (jars/buckets) after loading a save
    • Fixed issues with the hotbar and slots after loading save (this made a data format change which means old saves will be wiped in this build)
    • Fixed an issue for throwables where they'd disappear on throwing after loading a save
    • Fix for crash on reading books in the inventory without one selected or present
    • Farm gates are no longer openable on Day 1
    • A save on Day 2 will correctly trigger the father and sibling scripts allowing the gates to open
    • Reminders should now be a scrollable list in the inventory (like tasks)
    • Day 13 adjustments to make the way to go clearer
    • New tavern layout
    • Furniture aligned with nav in all buildings
    • Various levels prettied and tidied
    • World map has dotted connections
    • Some vista fixes
    • More collision fixes
    • Some books have been changed
    • First pass improvements on the options screen to split out the options (more work next time to tidy them up more!)
    • Fixed an issue where the screen stays black after falling asleep or the new level wouldn't load (due to alt-tab during screenfades)
    • Camera should not get stuck when quickly interacting with an NPC or animal
    • Dismount should now work in all circumstances (previously while holding an object or without items it would prevent dismounting)
    • Numerous Testy Acres changes
      • Dead end opened up
      • Numerous layering fixes
      • New books replacing placeholders
      • Special area tidied up
      • All houses tidied
    • Fixed some NPC navigation issues in the village (still more work needed in this which will continue in the next few builds at least)
    • Generic NPC's have greyed out interact options as they don't really have interesting things to share
    • Some screens now show 'Esc' rather than 'RMB' for exiting and 'RMB' will no longer exit them to keep to a more consistent control scheme
    • The throw tooltips on the bottom right have been adjusted for presentation (though still need additional work done to make them even neater)
    • While holding an object, the hotbar should now still appear for KBM
    • Fixed an issue where gifts would still leave the item on the toolbar, allowing infinite items
    • Some minor UI presentation tweaks for the blacksmith minigame and gift giving screen
    • Right click allows removal from more than one slot
    • Some items had their category tweaked to appear in the right area
    • Cows should now have a sleep animation!
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.5.29

    • Goddess statue interface changed to allow repeat uses for travel and to be more consistent now accepts one offering per day across all statues
    • Monuments now have a small purpose in unveiling family info for the world map
    • Fix for one case of the item wheel getting slightly off its axis and not showing names or being off by one
    • Followup sickle crash now fixed!
    • Dupe key errors for books should no longer happen
    • Fix for audio distortion and corruption that can happen over time in game (a slow audio memory leak seemed to cause this)
    • Level fixes for:
      • First pass of candles placed in all homes
      • Widened entrances to Candlewych Village and Candlewych West
      • Collision
      • Layering
      • Tiles
      • Candlewych Village wall tweaks to aid navigation
      • Various other fixes (monument stones, ingredients that were behind collisions, entrances that put you inside objects, etc.)
      • Minor prettying tweaks (some paths were too long and straight)
    • NPC birthdate info setup
    • First pass for blacksmith sound effects
    • Correct setup for purchasing additional cats
    • Speculative fix to try and ensure Fairweather appears with variable framerate
    • Gates should still open were the player to skip through all the days 'til the end scene!
    • Back button on controller should skip the intro story scenes
    • Tweaked a few presentation issues where word wrap was used
    • Player holding object animations adjusted to have footsteps, face the right direction in one case, and to better match the normal walk positions
    • Held objects now sized down to a more usual size
    • Chimneys setup for houses with them (no fires/smoke yet!)
    • Grapes setup to look like nightberries for the time being (but they shouldn't be in the levels right now)
    • Autogrowers in Dreamer's Nook should no longer have unintentional particle glow
    • Festival events should show in the calendar earlier
    • Trader position and stock adjusted
    • Window mode shouldn't get cut off due to the resolution not correctly setting
    • Father's illness should persist through save games now
    • Shift+Tab to go back through calendar tabs
    • Animal preferences for food is back to how it was of favouring an entire category of food
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.6.8

    • First pass of new Baking and Cooking minigames that include a setup phase and slightly different mechanics
    • Blacksmith minigame improvements
      • Improved look of cooling/heating/anvil
      • Anvil section of blacksmith minigame has more skill involved with different size circles and more accurate hits help durability go higher
      • Fix for repeatable sections not working properly
    • Level improvements and changes
    • Village layout altered to centralise shops and move houses around
    • North Gate and Cuckoo Wood have some extra residents now to coincide with the village layout changes
    • Druidas Cross pretty work
    • Fixed inventory, calendar and load screens having issues with 30hz refresh rate resolutions
    • Insect collection should now save
    • Can speed up the skip prompt appearing for pickup/proverbs by holding the button down (visual to accompany this not in yet)
    • Interact menu can be exited with escape on keyboard
    • First pickup has a different sound
    • NPCs shouldn't revisit the toilet repeatedly
    • Tools using new icons in the onscreen UI
    • Doors for goods store and apothecary now appear open!
    • Facing angle for pig matches player angle
    • Pig racing should finish correctly for the last race of the day
    • Some minor UI presentation improvements as time allowed
    • The case of Hazel going missing should now be solved
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.6.27

    • First pass of entertainment in the tavern
    • Various fixes to NPC's to hopefully ensure they don't stand on top of each other
    • Fix for Goddess Statue in Druida's Cross disappearing
    • While on options screen, UI text shouldn't show up (as it doesn't blur)
    • Fixed navigation issues in a few levels that might have been the cause of NPC's escaping the level bounds
    • Player interact menu should clear when falling asleep
    • Speculative fixes around the local map showing as the wrong texture
    • Keys should unbind correctly with book reading
    • Behind the scenes work in editor for navigation to show objects the NPC's can't reach (which prevented them moving)
    • Fixed Icabod hanging around the Goods Store door in some circumstances
    • Ambient tracks use ambient volume slider when switching between day and night
    • Shops should correctly open when entering the level midday
    • Key items (such as keys!) should no longer be assignable to hotbar slots to prevent them being thrown and lost
    • Behind the scenes work to follow and log the player's and NPC's actions
    • Fixed maps that showed debug info
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.7.25

    • First pass of lemonade stand for player to sell some goods (Work In Progress)
    • Fix for two startup crashes caused by Windows locale and a game texture that was a bit too large
    • Fixes to the tavern entertainment where it would break on entering/leaving the regions at certain times
    • Music from tavern and shops in Candlewych Village fade based on proximity with the level theme returning
    • Fixed some problems when restarting after the Mr Fairweather sequence
    • Player in bed animations shouldn't happen while not in bed!
    • Wandering villagers have been upgraded with idle animations (and one extra variant setup for testing)
    • Level exit adjustments to position the player better after entering the level
    • Fixed some issues with fish spawning in certain locations
    • Fish now have a new sprite and animation
    • Fish behave better and avoid travelling through land and also go invisible when under jetty tiles (Work In Progress)
    • Sibling and father should no longer overlap in home
    • Some minor UI fixes to start tidying up the presentation
    • Some adjustment to fishing animations (Work In Progress)
    • A bunch of the recipes now have some consequences when used in certain ways...
    • Fixes for some reported bugs via Discord and the forums (mainly some out of bounds and missing collisions)
    • Behind the scenes setup for editor, combat, and mapping out new levels that won't be revealed for a while yet...sorry!
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    Changelog - ᴠ2018.8.25

    • Player can buy pigs from the auction - don't be late to the auction, there's only 3 per event!
    • Crash fixed with lemonade stand in specific circumstances of leaving when time runs out with no items left to sell
    • Stall setup not accessible via gifting in some circumstances
    • The mine via the village can be exited correctly
    • Fix for getting into stall from gifting screen
    • Replaced a few duplicate items in goods store with recipes
    • Lights come on at dusk instead of night
    • Calendar events don't duplicate
    • Purple wheat moves as the player passes
    • Minor Blacksmith fixes
      • Fixed the camera to a single midpoint
      • Avoid repeating anvil step if going back to heat screen without doing anything
      • Player shouldn't get stuck on end screen dismissing the tutorial with the mouse
      • Star rating based on end durability
      • Can create more items if you have enough ore
    • SFX updates
      • Oven sound, choosing offering/teleport option, mine unlock sounds
      • For looping sounds there is a fade in distance and separate max volume distance so
      they change volume as your distance to them changes
    • Calendar uses pixel style boxes
    • NPC status boxes resize to fit contents
    • Improved transition via mine and load to not glitch for a frame
    • Water patches animate
    • Beanstalk updated
    • Fishing line and held object positions use anchor points
    • Animation offset setup to more consistently place the characters onscreen in the center of their shadow
    • Smaller icons for tree droppables and some inventory icons setup
    • Pig racing improvements with new competitors, them sticking to a straight line race, collapse animations, and spectators
    • Behind the scenes work on the editor for placing objects, deprecating objects, and preventing selection
    • Also continued behind the scenes work on character customisation, seasons, combat, and new levels!
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