Operating on Windows 10

Non Responsive Menus
A few times I have had the inventory get stuck on a page. For example, if I was last in equipment, sometimes if I go back into the inventory I can't get out of the equipment page no matter what I do. I can scroll through the items on the page, but I can't get out of the page.

this also happens in the Calendar menu trying to switch between tasks/Calendar/Data from time to time.

Sometimes it seems completing a task will reset the interface and let me flip through tabs again, but sometimes it stays stuck for a while before correcting itself.

Stuck Camera
Sometimes, not every time, when interacting with an NPC the camera seems to get 'stuck' where I was standing. It stays centered where I was talking, but when going out of the interaction I am able to freely move around, but the camera does not follow me.

Planted some carrots and wheat. 'cntl' showed the plots as being 'empty' after I harvested them but I was unable to plant anything in the plots. After a couple of days I got a second harvest of wheat and carrots (I did not think to check and see if the count went up in the inventory) and was then able to plant again. My assumption is that crops are a single growth, not multiple harvests being available.

Also, I have found when running out of some items, like cabbage, the icon remains in the hotkey slot and I am still able to give it as food to my pig/cow and as offering to statues and the offering bowl. It is not unlimited, but I was definitely out of them when I looked in my inventory.

I don't have a way to record video and I'll try to get screenshots tomorrow, though I am not sure how well they will display what I am seeing happening.