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Thread: Always the pursuer?

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    February 11th, 2018

    Always the pursuer?

    Yo! Had a question about dating or finding a partner in the game. Is there or could there be if not, a mechanic where an npc could try to pursue the main character versus you (the main character) always being the one making all the effort? I had been thinking about this recently and wish there was a game that had this mechanic. Like if you choose certain paths or options in the game, maybe that would prompt certain npc’s to try to woo you instead, or at least show interest and flirt first? What do you think?

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    April 4th, 2018
    Charlie answered this question in the Just some questions thread,he said "We are hoping to have NPC's have their own relationships, and become attracted to you."
    So I guess your scenario would be a possibility,which is pretty exciting!

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    haha, I remember asking this same exact question to the my time in Portia devs, and they mention that it's true there is a common theme of the player always doing the work for romantic interest but it would be great to have NPC actually pursuing us, so basically if you want to capture the eye of a specific NPC maybe they will notice you're hard working and be attracted to that.

    but yeah Amanea pretty much pinpointed the answer :-3

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    "Oooh, I like how she dumps that honey on that old man's floor! *swoon*"

    I wonder if anyone is going to be attracted to tricksters. Everything's great until you're the butt of the main character's joke!

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    After running around in the game I can already see some characters that seem to have a mean streak enough to enjoy that...until its on them.

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