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Thread: 🌱 We're Planting a Tree for Every Backer!

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    This is absolutely amazing, best news I've gotten in a long time! I'm so happy!

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    Every now and then I get a few questions about the trees, like what kind they are and where they'll be planted. So below is a short FAQ to answer all your burning tree questions. Wait...erm, no. Don't burn trees. That's literally the opposite of what we're trying to do here.

    What species are the trees?
    It depends on which region they're being planted in. One cool thing is that they never plant invasive species (like eucalyptus). What they generally try to do is reintroduce whatever species are native to the region. Things like acacia senegalia, acacia nilotica, mangroves, and so on. Another neat thing is that around 15-20% of the trees in the reforestation sites aren't ones that they actually planted. This is because once a new forest gets planted, interesting things start happening such as animals helping the natural spread of new trees or even things like underground dormant seeds finally coming back now that the soil is healthy again.

    Where are they to be planted?
    This is generally up to the fine folks in charge of the organization and wherever the current need is greatest. It ranges from Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, Ethipoa, and others. If we wanted to we could have chosen a specific place but doing that is a bit more of a logistics thing and so that ups the cost of each tree. Since I was trying to keep costs down as much as possible I opted to leave the location of it to them.

    Are they all together or is it spread across several sites?
    To save on time, logistics, and money, they plant the trees in waves. It isn't cost effective to do small amounts at a time. So this first pass of tree donations are very likely gonna be all together. We're going to continue to add new trees once a month based on however many new backers we got that month, but I'm not 100% sure if those trees are gonna get put right next to the first group or not. So our little community forest will probably have a very centralized 'center' and then it'll be a bit more scattered from there.

    Can see pictures of the baby trees before they go to their new homes?
    They don't do any pictures at our current partnership level, but if we were to plant a huge number of trees for any reason then they will give us media featuring the trees. The program we're doing for Kynseed is only running for the duration of the crowdfunding campaign, so any plans beyond that is currently unknown. (If we were to ever donate a ridiculous number of trees, they'd actually fly us out to wherever the trees are to take some video and take a tour!)

    Can I name mine Gwendolyn Pete?
    You absolutely can. I've already named mine Chuck. In fact, community member Lynn has made a thread to serve as a repository for everyone's tree names! Check it out.
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