How to Treat Bug Bites
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Thread: How to Treat Bug Bites

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    How to Treat Bug Bites

    All across Kynseed there are freeloading bugs who've decided to take up residence. The nerve! So to help, we need good folks like yourself to submit bug reports. To do this, you can post a thread here in this forum or you can email us directly at When you do, just be sure to include as much info as you can about your issue. Below is a general list of what we'll likely need from you when reporting a bug:

    • A description of the bug
    • Details on what you were doing in the game and how we can replicate your bug
    • Your operating system and any other system specs you can share
    • Bonus points for screenshots!

    Make no mistake, the bug population is doing well for itself in this earliest of early version of the game. We're not a big team with big resources. We're a small team with big ideas. We have only one programmer, one designer, one animator, and so on. So we'll depend on you lovely players to alert us of any problems you run across on your travels.
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