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Thread: Welcome to the Kynseed backer build!

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    I agree with basically everything Amanea said, especially the thing about targeting and the music. I mostly agree with the time thing, however I suspect that is something Mr. Fairweather will take care of, and that the first several days are supposed to feel rushed/short (if not, then yeah, more time would be really really nice because as is, it's super frustrating).

    The biggest input I have is please please please let me have inverse scrolling for the radial menus. Preferably as a toggle in settings because I need it more for the controller than the PC controls (plus I know not everyone loves inverse scrolling...though their subjective opinion is wrong).

    Would also love to be able to remap the controls. The keyboard equivalent of the left trigger to display info is not comfortable to click. I'd personally would like shift and control to reverse, but that's just me.

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    Hey there folks! Thanks for all the feedback so far (we'll be reading each and every bit of it!), but just to help us keep everything nicely organized feel free to make brand new threads for all your feedback and impressions. It makes things much easier for us when it comes to having discussions and keeping track of it all.

    Thanks everyone, and keep that feedback coming!
    Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossi123 View Post
    what are some of these systems that are not yet present in the game ???
    Still waiting for these systems to be present in the game 9AppsVidMateVLC
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