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Thread: What are some of your favorite video game tracks

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    June 11th, 2019
    I like FIFA soundtracks. One of the most epic in my opinion

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    I'm a sucker for the original Sonic series on Genesis. Especially Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. It's just awesome.

    Keeping with the same platform, next up is Battlefield from Golden Axe.

    Finally, The Fields of Ard Skellig from The Witcher 3 is beautiful.

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    For me since childhood, special music is the soundtracks from the game NFS Underground. Very nice memories.

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    August 12th, 2020
    Before the music of video games was simpler, but I think it was more worked, do not you think? Mini Militia Mod Apk
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    I think we used to pay more attention to making music, but now we're releasing a lot of games and have to do everything faster!

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    June 6th, 2022
    I love playing Fifa too, but it seems that people who buy new parts of this game every year are wasting money for absolutely no reason. I play Fifa 2019 on my console, and I don't see the point in paying money for FIFA 2022. Also, I play pretty infrequently since I have a lot of work. Right now, I mostly play online jigsaw puzzles with my son. I never felt that I would do jigsaw puzzles online, but it is very similar to reality. And the most important thing is that my son likes it.

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