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    Silly Ideas

    I enjoy random silly ideas that make it into a game, that maybe don't even have an impact on game play but just make you smile. For example, an ordinary sized spider who is obsessed with trying to build a web to catch a human. Obviously its a lost cause, you could just go to it every day and destroy the web with a swipe of your arm, much to it's annoyance and chagrin. Or a community of communist rats bent on overthrowing the human overlords, and you just find a rat or two in random places acting shady with threatening omens of doom.

    Anyone else enjoy things like this in a game?

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    February 23rd, 2018
    Ahh yes, stuff like that is awesome!
    It remember me of a Quest line of World of Warcraft, where you were actually the NPC who gives out quests and the characters which aproached you to ask for their next quest were the worst stereotypes ever.
    Hah I loved this <3

    Sorry for the bad english x.x'

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    Hahah, I like that in one of the gifs they had it looked like they had a bunch of creepy elderly people, I'm pretty sure there might be towns full of bizarre people doing creepy things or a silly town like you suggested, I love the idea of just following someone and seeing a really silly thing they might do lol and the reaction if you catch them doing it.

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