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Thread: Character Bloodlines

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    Character Bloodlines

    A place to brainstorm, speculate, share, and detail your character's bloodline and legacy in the game. Can be used to flesh out characters before release and used to record after. May also be used as an archive for characters in the Megastory thread and potentially the RP subforum should one come to fruition. I'll start:

    Name: Ampton "D'Amr" Smet
    Age (at start): 24
    Physical Description: 6'3" (1.905 m), broad shoulders, modestly toned physique, fair skin, shaven head, dark, well-kept goatee braided at the corners of the mouth, hetero-chromatic eyes (violet and hazel)
    Occupation: Blacksmith
    Biography: D'Amr, dubbed so by his friends at the pub attempting to call him "The Hammer" and slurring, had always been a soul replete with curiosity and strength of character. He questions the place of man in Quill in regard to Fae relations and holds to his own ideals on how to conduct himself around them. He often loses himself in thought and takes longer to complete projects than most blacksmiths, as he perpetually neglects to strike while the iron is hot during his musings. Fancying himself a protector of the meek, D'Amr often ventures out of the enclave in search of those who may need him when dealing with Fae and the other creatures lurking just outside of safe harbor.
    Ancestors: None of note
    Spouse: Unwed
    Children: None (yet)
    D'Amr's Story: On the way back from a stroll, D'Amr comes across a fel harassing Spud for his candy or his "dingle-dangles." He intervenes...
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