I've purchased the Goods Store in Candlewych and have no idea what to do about pricing settings. Has anyone compiled a list for something like this? Or has anyone found success with certain prices on goods like 1 star carrots, cabbages, blueberries, etc.?

As a bit of feedback on this though... it would be nice if the game automatically set items at an acceptable value (on the low end) instead of everything being 1 brass by default. Figuring out what prices will work at each quality is a bit intimidating, to say the least, with no estimated value to venture from. I've set 1 star carrots to sell for 5 brass. People pay it, but they aren't ever happy about it... yet my workers wouldn't really justify lower than this due to their 'processing' time, stamina, & hourly wages. I have also noticed that customers will, at times, come in to sell things. Will my workers buy items from them? Or do I need to be the one at the counter for this?

tldr; any help on shop item pricings is appreciated. loving this so far but a bit overwhelmed with the juggling of customer satisfaction and prices that won't bleed me dry.