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Thread: No dandelions or cuckoo dew/maybe other flora not spawning

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    January 3rd, 2022

    No dandelions or cuckoo dew/maybe other flora not spawning

    Hey all,

    I thought this was a feature, as I'll explain below.

    Description of the bug: After a certain day, dandelions, cuckoo doo's, and potentially other forage-able flora refused to grow each morning. They would instead spawn in their farmed state, appearing as little green sprouts that are not interactable. Some were still easy to find, such as mushrooms, bloodfew, and primrose.

    Details on what you were doing in the game and how we can replicate your bug: I was only a week into the game. I believe the Druida offering on day 7 resulted in this, as on the morning of day 8 and all subsequent days, there were certain forage-able's that were no longer interactable and appeared only as little green sprouts. I thought this was a result of an awful Druida offering on my part, but then the problem persisted into the next season when the blessings reset. No dandelions or cuckoo doo to be found anywhere. Poor me stuck without a clock and poor uncle stuck being green and sickly.

    Your operating system and any other system specs you can share: Windows 10, version 10.0.19043, model Inspiron 5680, 16GB ram, playing via Steam.

    No screenshot for you! My description of the little green spouts is infallible!

    Edit: Happy Holidays!!!

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    January 3rd, 2022
    Adding a bug I encountered in my second playthrough. Willowbrook Farm map is not displaying even after unlocking both mapstones. They are now both uninteractable.

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