Hey guys,

So the first thing for me is that Jogon, never goes back to his Burrow. I meet him and get a quest to meet him there but he never appears there. He just stays at the entrance to the forest. I tried removing the quest and getting it again but no dice.
The only other thing I noticed and it's pretty annoying is that weapon proficiency is VERY specific. You get proficiency not just with copper swords in general but specifically only 1 copper sword.
So I've picked up 2 other 2 star copper swords from the forest and now I can't get the first one i've been using equipped, i tried equipping two (one in each weapon slot) copper swords but neither were the one i've built up to level 8 with. So that is a pretty weird mechanic i could do without.

I am going to go try and sell them and just hope i don't sell the wrong one.

I am assuming it was just meant to be attached to 1 type of sword (i.e. zinc, tin, copper) but I would rather just have sword proficiency in general, because now that i have better ore, and have made a better sword i really have to incentive to use it.

So I couldn't find anywhere to sell the sword none of the shops have more than 25 brass the sword is valued at 30 (hope this is changed too) So i gave one away as a gift. Equipped the two i had left and now they are both lvl 8. When i had 3 previously and equipped 2 they where both lvl 1.
So one more thing with Hag and Slash. When i first enter the forest and equip all my stuff, I can no longer see what the charms or moulds do. For the first few times i went it it showed a description for each item but now it is just blank every time.

All in all though i've been playing since you first release early access on steam and it's coming along really well love seeing all the updates and changes.