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Thread: Screen Flickering

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    August 3rd, 2021

    Screen Flickering

    I've been trying to get into Kynseed, but I seem to have a screen flickering issue that occurs when the game is running and it's very distracting. It's like the screen refresh rate isnt matching with my TV while the game is playing and it happens when its full screen or in a window so even outside the game when the game is running. I've tried turning Vsync on/off, but either way I still get flickering. I've had this issue with a few other games, but it was always solved by switching to full screen, or more specifically, exclusive full screen.

    My System:
    Windows 10 (21H1)
    Samsung 4k TV
    Geforce RTX 3070 (Driver 471.41)
    3840x2160 (120hz) (variable refresh rate)

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    Strangely enough, I had no problems!

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