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Thread: Idea: Poisoning People and Sabotage

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    Idea: Poisoning People and Sabotage

    Not very well thought out, and it may be already in place (somewhat), and I'm still in my early days of the first year following Mr. Fairweather, but I kinda' like the idea of being able to kill people via poisoning (I swear I'm not a crazy person). Elderberries are highly toxic in real life if not prepared right, and are in the game, too; furthermore, the potential exists to invent virtually unlimited number of plants that are tasteless, odorless, etc. in a fantasy world that can cause the runs (or... a blitz to the bathroom), induce vomiting, swell feet, etc. You have the option to own an apothecary, know what people like and dislike... you should be able to poison them if you wish with your cooking over time to get rid of/negatively impact your undesirables.

    Maybe this is planned as well, but why not poison their relationships with their Brounie, too? Set the clock to wake up at 3AM and dash over to someone's offering bowl in the middle of the night to throw doodoo into their Brounie bowl, greatly angering their Brounie. Subsequently, it can happen to you, too, if you greatly anger someone in town, and have to catch them doing it.

    Maybe Mr. Fairweather could show up to you in a dream and negotiate a year back to your life if you help someone shuffle off the mortal coil early? He seems to not think highly of humans already. The more risky the request, the better the payoff.

    I know y'all are PixelCount and not Lionhead, but that was what I loved the most about those games growing up (starting with Black & White): your choices, for better or worse, can shape the world.

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    What a strange thought!

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