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Thread: Unable to return home

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    March 8th, 2021

    Unable to return home

    I can not enter the farm map, the game has no issues for me in any areas, runs smoothly loads great! Small "glitch" at the top of the beanstalk but i believe that t just be the transition screen. But as of yesterday trying to enter the farm in anyway. Teleporting home, running home, entering from any of the surrounding areas, everything freezes my game immediately, the game try's to load I.e. if my wife was there saying something when i come to, she manages to walk away from me, but I can't, nor see her do so. all other areas work fine no lag or kickoff. doesn't matter if its night or day and the day of week doesn't seem to help or hinder me. ....I did however forget my offerings...

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    I think this is a problem with your device - everything seems to work fine!

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