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Thread: Changelog - v0.2.0.2961

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    Changelog - v0.2.0.2961


    Changelog -

    🔷 Switch to Monogame 3.7, this should hopefully bring improvements to game compatability and stability
    🔷 Game can now handle different aspect ratios. It currently stretches the image at 720p as before but keeps 16:9 with a letterbox effect round the outside
    🔷 Game window is resizable (as above this still keeps the game at 720p)
    🔷 All Mellowfields villagers aging
    🔷 Initial pass on context dialogue system which will reduce repeated lines and provide more dialogue for npcs
    🔷 Minimaps rendered in the game, this has a slight load on going into the map but brings with it always up to date maps, different season versions and accurate coordinates within it
    🔶 Cunning plots music has been updated
    🔶 Improved presentation of npc opinions and a few more cases where they will display them
    🔶 Mailbox archive handles scrolling
    🔶 Level transitions using new system
    🔶 Mouse input using hardware mouse which should be more responsive
    🔶 Adjustments and improvements for letter presentation
    🔶 Some additional letters or variants may show up
    🔶 Gift letters can contain items from additional loot tables
    🔶 Calendar events should show their region now whether they are first in the list or not
    🔶 Loot table balance allows weighting towards common and rarer items (initial use for apples vs gassy apples)
    🔶 Fireplaces in various homes including the players should now function and be turned on by npcs in the evenings
    🔶 Some farmable areas added to the greenhouses
    🔶 Adjusted the balance for the blacksmith shop
    ᅠᅠ Less reputation loss for declining an order
    ᅠᅠ Shelf orders more common based on having items on the shelf
    ᅠᅠ Orders soft capped for the blacksmith at 10 if you have shelf items (for further balance later on)
    ᅠᅠ Blacksmith crafter will make items with the mould least used for the shelf
    ᅠᅠ NPC owned blacksmith shops have a growing pile of ore per day to buy
    🔶 Message for spouse return from gathering
    🔶 Some minor level improvements to collision/navigation/layering across several levels
    🔶 Housekeeping book adjusted layout similar to the ledger
    🔶 Some text fixes for tasks/dialogue
    🔶 Shelf/stock for blacksmith control prompts made clearer
    🔶 Calendar task screen has indicators for the different filters which shows which have items in and skips ones without for quick selection
    🔶 Completed tasks have their own section filter
    🔶 Larder UI is clearer on the gamepad controls to select and remove items from the larder
    🔶 Several more screens have help for them using the help key (f1 and clicking the left stick by default to access)
    🔶 Improved chat boxes for showing task items npcs are waiting for
    🔶 Recipes in the inventory show the item and description
    🔶 Rebalance of prices for newer items and blacksmith crafted ones
    ❌ Improvements to the spouse pet behaviour where it could often get stuck if a pet was near a collision
    ❌ Fix for some npcs disappearing on hit while shopping
    ❌ Fix for blacksmith customers staying around after being server by a worker if the player is in the crafting minigame nearby
    ❌ Fix for Homestead pub inactivity
    ❌ Gamepad thumbstick deadzone added for player movement and the switch to gamepad controls
    ❌ Date setup improved to not teleport to location if already in the level
    ❌ Cats now should follow after the player when holding items when they are after food
    ❌ Fix for incorrect count of star rating items on first viewing in the offering system
    ❌ Adjustments for the butterfly task to make it easier to complete
    ❌ Fix for wheel UI being broken depending on stats
    ❌ Fix for out of season crops still looking like they grow
    ❌ Fix for collect/store/let go prompts not being mouse clickable
    ❌ Fix for let go with insects not resetting the glass jar state properly
    ❌ Fix for performers not staying on the stage
    ❌ Fix for peggy soup recipe listing the wrong ingredients
    ❌ Fix for certain recipes resulting in the wrong result due to not properly checking ingredients
    ❌ Fix for repeated shop region popups after loading a save
    ❌ Fixed tile issue for cliff pieces on a few different levels
    ❌ Adjusted post eating toilet delay to be random 1-6 hours to avoid entire families going to the loo at once
    ❌ Player shouldn't understand babies and they also no longer give favours


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    Awesome update!! I can't wait for my Robyn to grow up so she can marry Ash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snickerdoodl View Post
    Awesome update!! I can't wait for my Robyn to grow up so she can marry Ash!
    I wonder if you waited. What new advances have you made?

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    For a while I've slowed down in my gameplay, so I still haven't aged up my character. I'll probably start playing again soon though! I'll try and remember to keep you updated

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    Why haven't the latest updates been posted? Last one is October..

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    I think it should appear soon!

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