Changelog -

🔷 Quite a few new recipes added to the game
ᅠᅠ These are obtainable from exploring, spending, and some are unlocked rewards as well!
🔶 Burial Grounds in the Vale has undergone some reworking (some assets awaiting custom replacements)
🔶 Stove/baking interacts work differently so that a recipe is required and random ingredients cannot be used
ᅠᅠ The star rating of items can be picked and affects the result quality
🔶 Show known likes/dislikes in the gifting screen
🔶 World map has bounds and scrolls when the cursor is close to the edge
🔶 Added a "Return to Title" menu option
🔶 Region name now displays when entering a level
🔶 Options menu rearranged into sequential order with sections
🔶 Choosing a volume on the SFX slider should play a sound to test audio levels
🔶 Some small changes around the early game tasks to not require home offerings in the first season and dandelion task until after the father is spoken to
❌ Fixed a few infrequent issues with shoppers getting stuck
❌ Melee combat skills now acquired the same way as other skills to fix recent issues with them
❌ Prevented lost items in Simplewood
❌ Wedding spirit benefit is random rather than appearing to come from the top
❌ Prevent exploit of levelling slingshot from hitting permission locked bushes/trees
❌ Prevented slight exploit of cooking involving multiple items of the same type where you previously could get away with only one
❌ Fixed bug where skill progress wasn't shown in the skill menu
❌ Fixed attempting to drag proverbs in the inventory causing it to hang until a different tab was chosen
❌ Fixed issue loading a save game taking the customisation options from another save game onscreen
❌ Cutting wheat shouldn't sometimes give apples
❌ Fixed multi-line intros only showing one line in the chat system
❌ Fixed old gate in Willowdown for old saves
❌ Favours in the first season limited to available items in that region
❌ Fix for Hazel not giving out a task due to recent changes with intros going via the chat system
❌ Poops no longer magically appear at a location in the current level if the animal actually isn't in that level