Changelog -

🔷 Any time the player sleeps at the farm it should autosave progress
🔷 Can now receive gift mails from NPC's in certain circumstances
🔷 New ambience for one of the Fae realms
🔷 Several more characters in the Vale now age further
🔶 The mailbox has had some presentation improvements (and you can now delete shop mails from the archive section)
🔶 Tool level-up presentation improved
🔶 Friendship rating presentation improved when gifting NPC's
🔶 Rating now shown for all picked up items
🔶 Inventory category highlights improved for mouse
🔶 Improvements for the task list to now have filtering and slightly improved presentation
🔶 Monument stone UI comes up on first interact
🔶 The proverb for discovering the Gassy trait is no longer required to find gassy apples
🔶 Expanded pool of gossip to have more variety (including per haven)
❌ Prevent certain NPC's walking away while being talked to
❌ Fix for combat where the level-up box would get stuck onscreen
❌ Stopped the clock's Sun/Moon position from moving while in the Options menu since time should pause in that menu
❌ Time no longer changes when visiting certain Fae regions which allowed the player to loop in time
❌ Prevent riding in combat areas
❌ Can put slingshot in combat hotbar while in combat area
❌ Prevent exploit in combat for quick gaining of XP from projectiles
❌ Prevent duplicate recipes from showing up in shops
❌ Fix for shop worker status not being cleared when selling a shop
❌ Fixed the selling box's left/right mouseover star ratings from being offset
❌ Fix for the mouse cursor disappearing on interact while over the hotbar (the mouse has to be outside the hotbar to trigger an interact now)