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Thread: Adult Robyn looks mad and it's making me sad

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    Adult Robyn looks mad and it's making me sad

    So I wasn't paying enough attention when I got some boosts from Mr. Fairweather and I ended up having to pay for them with 8 years of my life at the end of winter as a 16-year-old. The teenager Robyn (and being able to name your character would be amazing) looked cute. Now, at only 24, for some reason she now looks like a bitter, angry spinster and it's actually making it pretty tough to enjoy playing as her. Spring looks beautiful, been in love with the game and the look and everything, but now she runs around with a constantly very dark, furrowed brow and does something with her mouth when running that makes it look like she's muttering angrily to herself everywhere she goes. It's a huge bummer. Can young, fresh, hopeful 24-year-old Robyn still looks young and cute and happy and not like she hates the world because suddenly losing 8 years which was her own darn fault? I mean it is only 8 years in the grand schemed of things, she's only 24 but looks 42! Please make her happy again!

    edit: came to realize she's supposed to be panting while running but combined with what can still only be described, even in pixels, as a very scowling face, it still kinda looks like angry grunting and mumbling too. it's mostly the dark furrowed brows and the tiny, pouty-looking mouth that create just a really unfortunately expression. devs, begging for this look to be updated!
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