Changelog -

🔷 Gossip and secrets can now give out info on how to obtain higher star rated items (this info gets recorded in a summary in the inventory)
🔶 Bees now hibernate in winter
🔶 Updated icons for inventory subcategories
🔶 NPC's given food can get buffs from them similar to the player
🔶 Updated a few proverbs to show up in the right category
🔶 Tweaks to improve delivery box setup and the player status screen
🔶 Some small tweaks to buildings to improve their setup for layering and tiling
❌ Preventative fix for crash interacting with growables
❌ Handling shoppers consistently of them not stopping for target by the player
❌ Corrected order of text for boons and blessings on offering
❌ Fixed circumstance where extra weekly reports could be made for shops
❌ Hooked up some proverbs to the correct items
❌ Fix for extra sprites drawing above the heart for NPC's when they are at values in excess of the cap
❌ Fix for transaction log showing the wrong season in a certain situation