Changelog -

🔷 Player skin tone options now available on the intro screen
🔷 Proverbs are now standardized to contain either a hint for item location or a hint for item effect/use
ᅠᅠ Many proverbs have also been spread across the levels to find
🔷 Fish setup has undergone a reworking to match their proverbs and split them up into appearing in rivers/pools/ponds
🔶 Seasons and timings for growables and fish rebalanced according to proverbs
🔶 F1 help key now remappable for keybindings
🔶 Added in an all star item filter as default for various screens
🔶 Altered equipping via inventory for gamepad to initiate via A to equip and accept like on pickup, so B isn't treated as both assignment and closing the menu
🔶 Various minor tweaks to presentation across the UI's
🔶 Various level changes
🔶 Some price data balance adjusted
🔶 Home/End keys as shortcut for transaction log if not otherwise used as a keybinding
🔶 Can gift multiple of the same rating item at once for the delivery box
🔶 Gossip can now tell other NPC birthdays and the rate of mentioning their age is reduced
❌ Fix for softlock when Hazel interacting when no cats to buy
❌ Fix for crash on trying to gift when no item is selected with an active noticeboard cooking task for the same NPC
❌ Prevent double yield from fishing rod by picking it up while it is on the line
❌ Fix for new rootway to be a both-way teleport
❌ Prevent certain UI elements sticking when forced to sleep
❌ Shrunk animal shadows and layering adjusted
❌ Fix for hair color not completely changing on player due to customisation changes
❌ Lantern offset on pig fixed
❌ Rain shouldn't cause funflower animation to stutter
❌ Should be able to buy up to 3 animals for the farm of each type as intended