Collecting Slacker Backer rewards? (Very late)
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Thread: Collecting Slacker Backer rewards? (Very late)

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    Collecting Slacker Backer rewards? (Very late)

    I know it's been a good couple years since Kynseed's funding (how time flies), and I haven't really played since the first demo, but I'm trying to get back into the game. I remember donating to the slacker backer funding, I think at the lore master tier, which I think had a digital artbook among some other stuff? I know I got the copy of the game, but I'm not sure about the other rewards, or if I did, it's lost somewhere way back in my emails. Would it be possible for me to get those rewards now? I still have the email from Humble Bundle that I got when I donated, hopefully the records are still around.
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    Hey there, pretty sure we've bumped into each other on the Discord! Those backer rewards are not currently available and will be released much further down the line when the game is more settled on a solid build. We're all eager and waiting!

    EDIT: You should be able to post in the Backer Verification thread in order to gain access to the Dev Pub if that was part of your tier!

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