Changelog -

🔷 Setup for most growables and fish to now reach higher star ratings
ᅠᅠ Across current items, approximately 140 of 260 possible extra stars are obtainable through certain conditions being met
ᅠᅠ Future builds will make more stars obtainable and give players more guidance on how to obtain them!
🔶 Growable indicators have had further UI refinement
🔶 Old crops updated to draw the new versions
🔶 Various minor tweaks to presentation across the UI's
🔶 Auctions, races, and markets drawn on the local map when visible and text for offscreen exits should be a bit more visible now
🔶 After getting a skill there's an option to jump back to gifting state for the next skill
🔶 New sound effects for star rating in gifting
❌ Refined hitbox for hitting trees/bushes with slingshot and no XP from repeated hits!
❌ Gifting inaccessible if left on a blank star rating tab
❌ Goddess offering gets greyed out if left on a blank star rating tab
❌ Clicking a star rating can gift an item for the NPC gifting screen
❌ Pig riding animation alignment and tool holding positions improved
❌ Fix out of hours crash with animal racing while riding a pig
➕ Mostly hidden work on item traits setup for over 70 items
ᅠᅠ Some of these will affect the player in the current build and the next build will expand this much further
➕ Hidden work on customisation for player skin tones which should be available in the next build