Changelog -

🔷 Various level adjustments across the Vale haven
🔷 Status info and Goddess offering and Inventory have had additional visual presentation polish
🔷 Slight rebalancing of goddess offering for one and three star items to only affect one of the adjacent Goddesses
ᅠᅠ There's a help screen via F1 key or clicking the left stick on controller which describes the current balance of points in case it changes further
🔷 Various minor tweaks to presentation across many UI's
🔷 Noticeboard showing on the local map
🔷 Tweaks to the pixel font to be hopefully even clearer
🔷 Tweak to display adult hero on the load save screen if applicable
🔷 Only the first unexpected gift per day to an NPC affects their friendship rating as intended
ᅠᅠ Favours and noticeboard tasks will still allow more friendship rating to be obtained per day
🔷 Poop effects adjusted
❌ Fix for workers not working when loading from a save if the shop is not visited
❌ Fix for bug where certain items weren't drag as mappable
❌ Fix for larder not being accessible if you have no items but there are items in it
❌ Fix for crash using triggers on gifting where no categories are present