Changelog -

🔷 Goddess offering system reworked
ᅠᅠ Now happens on the Solsday, the last day of each week, and has had a complete change of points setup to use star ratings and UI to be clearer of the consequences
ᅠᅠ Missing weeks will start to stack up random negative effects.
🔷 Local map has several more bits of information labelled on the map with icons
🔷 Status info has a bit of extra info to help with discovered growables and when they'll replenish
🔶 Level tweaks to Tir Na Nog and Mellowbrook
🔶 Improvements for targeting priorities so growables are above NPC interact, object interacts are above follower interacts, and the interact sign should clearly show when it is the priority
🔶 More goddess boons/jinxes setup where possible
🔶 Shop's transaction view now includes the date
🔶 Shops have a weekly mail summarising what has happened
🔶 Gifts subcategory populated in the inventory with some stuff from the Other subcategory
🔶 Secret info limited per NPC per season
🔶 Blacksmith shops on buying show what you'll get on buying them (the exact items are still due a balance pass)
🔶 More reputation effects are tracked in the transaction log to make it easier to pinpoint reputation losses
🔶 Presentation tweaks for filtering based on star rating
🔶 Up/down can be used on buying screen when there are sufficient items
🔶 Keyboard input boxes converted where newer gamepad boxes are used
🔶 Glutton trough handles star rating items and doesn't auto add item on interacting
❌ Fix for inventory where select dragging an item to use/discard would actually lead to selecting and using/discarding a different item the mouse went past
❌ Fix for workers not always using their current sprite if they had aged
❌ Fix for crash on gossip with NPC with no other NPC's of that region to gossip about
❌ Fix for transaction when you run out of money paying staff not being included correctly
❌ Fix for Silver Skipper icon
❌ Fast travel to Naida's Glory was going to the level start rather than statue
❌ Calendar should only show birthday rather than age if you don't know that info for NPC's
❌ Wheat now usable for baking as per the recipe
❌ Pet up for sale won't appear outside the shop level if it was following
❌ Fix for some tasks not being creatable
❌ Fix for crash when trying to view inaccessible NPC's during the first season
❌ Removing last task in the list doesn't select previous one
❌ NPC's for lemonade stand and racing weren't set up correctly with their stats
❌ Adjustment for pig riding collision that should make interactables targetable as intended
❌ NPC's don't teleport to appear at their beds just after waking in their routine
❌ NPC's don't start moving at 6 in the morning while targeted