Changelog -

🔷 Ash and Boots Winter now age, making Ash eligible for dating after he reaches adulthood
🔶 Heat/cool range for blacksmith is more challenging while matching better with the onscreen gauges
🔶 Some materials for blacksmith can have moving heat/cool targets to hit
🔶 Noticeboard's 'big requests' limited so they will only show up based on how many active big requests you have (typically less than 6 depending on the type)
🔶 Books now split into 3 subcategories
🔶 Various level fixes
🔶 Updated map screens for most of Summerdown
🔶 Partner gathering UI has slight tweaks to have a bar for stamina once active and footsteps to show it is working (progress only occurs in game hours while the menu is not active)
🔶 Selling a blacksmith shop will give you a percentage rate for any shelf items and return ore to the player
🔶 Selling the goods store will give the items from the store back to the player
🔶 Tweaked presentation of the inventory subcategories
❌ Crash when swapping to selling the pig you are riding
❌ Properly preventing buying more than 3 of each animal type in the auction
❌ Fix for some white pixels in certain grass sprites
❌ Fix for gamepad not handling shop closing with staff correctly
❌ Fix for handling shop closing where it wouldn't close again after already sending the workers home
❌ Fix for trader intro repeating incorrectly based on the player's location