Changelog - v0.1.18.2509

🔷 Setup for family secret boxes
ᅠᅠ Uncover the keys by raising your relationships 'til they tell you their secrets
ᅠᅠ Only some families currently have secret boxes to unlock
🔷 Partners can now go gathering via the housekeeping book
ᅠᅠ Allows them to leave the farm to gather items based on equipment given and location chosen
ᅠᅠ Items gathered will appear in a sack outside your farm building
🔷 First pass of new noticeboard task for watering NPC farm areas
🔷 New skills relating to Fishing and Farming
🔷 Certain animals now poop, which can be collected in the wooden bucket and used as fertiliser (placeholder graphics in use for now)
🔶 NPC gossip/secrets are now geared towards learning more about other NPC's you don't already know info for
🔶 Use and discard confirmation from the inventory
🔶 Dandelions no longer accepted by NPC's as gifts
🔶 Adjusted growable position on farm soil and made its height relative to objects moving past
🔶 Now able to sell a shop via the Select Shop option (which only offers some of your money back and all stock is lost currently)
🔶 Improvements made to Mellowfield regions
ᅠᅠ Additional area in Outlane
ᅠᅠ New hut in Testy Acres
ᅠᅠ Many other fixes and subtle level improvements/prettying
🔶 Slightly more pronounced blacksmith difficulty based on material and more reward based on star ratings
🔶 Apprenticeship balanced to give slightly more reward scaled to star rating
🔶 Trader now shows up in 6 different locations with different goods available in each haven
🔶 Baking and stove recipes are properly divided (the range of recipes is filtered when going to the two different workstations and indicated in the inventory)
🔶 Pressing escape during the intro sequence will skip to the next image instead of jumping all the way to ingame so it feels a little nicer (and helps quicker testing of the later parts for further refinement)
🔶 Some improvements to spouse behaviour
🔶 First pass of a better pickup screen for sack on the farm contents
🔶 Various UI improvements to the player status, trader buying, and skill screens
🔶 Pinned tasks for larger item requests now show the details of items required
🔶 Adjusted interaction priorities so that books and bedside money will have higher priority than nearby characters
❌ Target interaction corrected while riding
❌ Riding won't offset the player's position when getting on
❌ Item star ratings should all default to 1 star as intended
❌ Fix for workers not always matching NPC friendship rating
❌ Fix for task list not always scrolling down properly with a certain number of tasks
❌ Fix for a rare shopper trade crash depending on the item they want to trade in
❌ Fixed new animals not loading their appearance correctly from a savegame
❌ Gifting option is now correctly inactive when you have no items to gift
❌ Fixes for shop customer spawn points to occur offscreen and for shop owners departing when the shop is bought
❌ NPC's now have individual start locations where possible so they don't clump up on certain activities
❌ Fixes around animals being sold at the goods store which could lead to a temporary duplicate or stuck animations
❌ Fix for the pickaxe's level up message getting stuck onscreen
❌ Fix for text bug when hiring a blacksmith worker
❌ Fix for an issue when changing which pig you're riding caused the first pig to be untargetable
❌ Local shoppers should now work in Mellowbrook
❌ Fix for problems with dates while gifting items
❌ Prevented player getting stuck if crafting during the end of year (though will lose any item currently crafted!)
❌ Fixed a case where the cat in the tree wouldn't appear
❌ Fixed a case where duplicate key messages could appear after buying the last cat
❌ Fixed crash when claiming an item from an owned blacksmith shop
❌ Fix for Freyl blessing affecting fruit rather than vegetables as intended
❌ Fix for the ledger's yearly accounts not scrolling and potentially containing blank entries
❌ Chickens now practice good hydration habits and no longer spontaneously explode from drinking water