Changelog - v0.1.17.2459

🔷 Several new regions forming most of Mellowfields are now accessible (first pass implementation)
ᅠᅠ New NPC's
ᅠᅠ New music
ᅠᅠ Additional shops with the option of player ownership
ᅠᅠ New items and collectables
ᅠᅠ New animal featured in the typical haven events
🔷 Billy and Milly now change to adults when they reach the right age
🔷 First pass of a new Status Info screen available via Back button controller or L on keyboard (by default)
ᅠᅠ This gives access to player info including active buffs from food, Goddess effects, and partner info if you've married someone
🔷 Marriage cutscene includes interactive section where you pick a spirit which gives a bonus to stats for both the player and their partner (for existing marriages prior to this version, a random one is currently assigned)
🔶 Mellowfields seasonal assets setup
🔶 Interact range adjusted to make it easier to interact with a single character in close proximity, even when not facing them
🔶 Farm growables now updated with newer art
🔶 Partner has dialogue while doing some orders and can follow once married instead of seeing info
🔶 Split up NPC status by Vale/Summerdown/etc and arranged by name
🔶 Some polish/refactoring of auction and racing events
🔶 Confirm dialogue for quitting via the Options Screen
❌ Various fixes for problems with animals not returning to the correct locations on the farm
ᅠᅠ It is known to resolve several problems that were in the implementation but without having got the exact problem reported it is difficult to be sure it has caught them all
❌ Fix to improve throwing items into water as used in one NPC request
❌ Fix for Mr Fairweather cutscene getting stuck when no audio device is present to play sounds
❌ Fix for loaded saves incorrectly handling multiple glass jars
❌ Adjustment for contents of jars to show in hotbar/radial slots and the inventory screen to show details of the contents on the selected item panel
❌ Jed/Ned aging doesn't revert temporarily with loaded savegame
❌ Fix for cat task being given the day after rescuing a cat but not actually owning one
❌ Fix for receiving bedside money for tasks that shouldn't (eg. noticeboard/dating/marriage)
❌ Fix for delivery box image of some NPC's stretching
❌ Fix for lost items potentially duplicating
❌ Fix for tavern orders always leading to Candlewych Village
❌ Loverwood player position now determined via surveying
❌ Fix for magic bean not growing after being watered
❌ Fix for tooltips being difficult to read on Options Screen by moving them to the bottom of the screen
❌ Fix for tool XP not working in some situations with some slight balancing and adjustments to the display
❌ Fixed several bugs with animal auctions with the auctioneer and bidders (mainly from leaving and returning to the level while in progress)
❌ All market seeds should now be sold in packs of 4
❌ Feeding pigs from other farms no longer completes the Feed Pig task
❌ Reduce doubled up animal names during races