Changelog - v0.1.16.2415

🔷 Equipment experience system added so each applicable equipment can earn XP to improve its rank (up to Legendary) which makes some small improvements to its ability
ᅠᅠ This shows in the inventory currently and also in a small bar when XP is gained
ᅠᅠ For example, the fishing rod will get improved range, line length, and faster reeling in
ᅠᅠ Plus the sickle will provide greater rewards (including seeds) from harvesting
🔷 Additional noticeboard triggers setup with money rewards balanced based on their worth to be more rewarding and ones that target items the player may not have found yet
🔷 Jed and Ned now change to adults when they reach the right age (which also unlocks dating/marriage as an option for them)
🔷 Setup for items to have star rating changes based on certain conditions
ᅠᅠ Fish are the first case of this where 2-star fish can now be found depending on matching time conditions
🔷 Three new recipes added
🔷 Two NPC traits now functional
🔶 Gifting via NPC's should show what the item is used for and for big requests should show the total items given/required and allow you to gift multiple items for tasks in one go
🔶 Inventory item tab organised by type and herbs/vegetables split into their own types
🔶 Adult player age adjusted to 18, similar for NPC's as well (this should retroactively apply to existing saves)
🔶 Star ratings noted when picking up repeated items when you don't have an item at that rating in your inventory
🔶 Experiment of dandelions picked up in quick succession going in the inventory to make them available to the player earlier
🔶 More farmable areas setup for NPC's
❌ Can't use sickle on farmable areas the player doesn't have permission for
❌ Fix for linkup between inventory and slots not saving correctly
❌ Fix for extra data getting added each time the game is saved (and this should also clean up the extra data)
❌ Slingshot on same initial target now works as intended
❌ Fixed an issue in Festival Green where interacting with the lemonade stand could cause keybindings to map which then would cause warnings on the next object interacted with
❌ Fix for crash caused by interacting with customers on the first day of a newly bought shop
❌ Some farmable areas were not assigned the right permissions
❌ Error for larder interaction in other NPC's houses