Changelog - v0.1.16.2397

🔷 Switchover of noticeboard behind the scenes to use new system of triggers that will over time allow a more dynamic variety of requests to appear based on the player's actions
🔷 Two new noticeboard triggers for tasks introduced to test the system in addition to copying the existing setup for initial testing (currently one might happen on the first day of winter and the other might happen on the 4th/11th of any season)
🔶 Various minor UI/graphical improvements
🔶 Extra logging for keybindings to track down an issue
❌ Fix for crash at end of year change
❌ Fixed an issue where NPC's without homes should not have favours and prevented a crash when trying to get the route to their non-existent home
❌ Fixed an issue where fishing animations wouldn't always play responsively
❌ Duplicate pets shouldn't show up if on sale in the shop
❌ Crops can only be planted when in season and will disappear when they go out of season
❌ Adjusted start locations for pets when loading from a save and when bought