Changelog - v0.1.16.2384

❌ Should now be able to rename Truffles the pig 🐷
❌ Pigs will not resurrect after loading a save game after being popped
❌ Fixed issues with pig racing and auctions to do with paused time
❌ Fix for Poppyhill Blacksmith where queuing customers could get stuck
❌ Can feed potions to animals via gift option
❌ Fix for created items like flour or a pie not counting correctly on certain tasks
❌ Fix for crashing on feeding pet in player owned store
❌ Fix for player owned pet interact options not always displaying
❌ Wooden key now working on the Mellowfields level as intended
❌ Prevent menu access during pig race viewer mode where the camera could get offset from the player if the player exited via a menu
❌ Message boxes no longer obscured by other UI elements