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    General Feedback

    Greetings, I picked Kynseed as my Xmas game of choice and would like to help giving feedback as I play along, hopefully this is the correct section to do it.

    To start with, I appreciate the whimsical and fairy tale presentation of the world. The roadmap, concept, music and art style are very much to my liking and it provides a very magical feeling. I sincerely hope the game can grow to be as renowned as I hope it can.

    On the other hand, my first impression besides the above is that I feel the way information is presented to be overwhelming and not introduced in a good way. I consider myself to be an avid reader and I certainly don't mind the fairy tale tone of the writing, however, in the first few days - as I come across more and more pages filled with many lines of text, I felt overwhelmed and started to dread finding these pages at all.

    I feel forced to read as I fear missing relevant information that might affect gameplay and yet can't delay reading for later as I'm concerned that if I just add page after page for "later" I might miss out or forget some entirely.

    The problem should be in the way the information is presented as a single page of multiple lines of text. The location I find these pages in seem to be mostly unrelated to the content itself. The texts don't need to be shorter as I feel that they are part of the writer's vision as if it is telling a tale of the world through them. What I do hope is perhaps an alternative and maybe a more engaging way to tell all this information?

    Perhaps some of these can be introduced as dialogues told by the villagers? Ultimately I haven't thought of a good idea for this but I just wanted to point out the current way the many pages scattered throughout provide information feels uninteresting to me even tho I do have interest to know more of the world.

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    We will hopefully be filling out more NPC dialogue to help flesh out the history, but we need to have the books, and a lot of people love the books.
    It is the same as an other RPG in this respect, who have lots of lore.
    What we could consider is labelling or colour coding the books or text, so useful stuff is easily identifiable, and the silly stuff can then be ignored at your choosing.
    Ultimately, there will be a lot more books I'm afraid to say, though I will try not to make them too long.

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    The books are the real deal when it comes to having a rich history imo. Love the books!

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